Late night at the corral…

27 February 2009

Here’s what’s a-grindin’ my gears at the moment:

Minnesota congresswoman Michele “Whitest-human-being-on-the-earth’s-crust” Bachmann reminds nubile GOP chairman Michael Steele that “[he] be da man.” Classy, Bachmann, classy.

Did you forget why we care about Shelly? Perhaps you forgot her Election ’08 antics. 

Those were the days…


– A-$

2 Responses to “Late night at the corral…”

  1. […] But “Da Man” Michael Steele did leave room for one fresh-faced intellectual to lead the way, an inspiring voice that would brush away the toe-tapping, draft-dodging, heck-of-a-job-Brownieing of the past. A keynote speaker who could bring the Republican party out of the cold, and into electoral heaven. […]

  2. […] problem is that whilst characters like  Steele may “be da man,” they are essentially copycats. Steele and Palin (hereafter known as “Peele”) are the […]

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