This goddamn holiday again.

I’ve decided to completely ignore the fact that this is my maiden voyage on the tepid seas of the blogosphere, and focus on my annual Mardi Gras Gripe: I want my nickname to be “the big easy.” Granted, it would probably go better with someone already named Ettie or Bertha (maybe even Mabel), but I feel it could provide that certain flare that my life is missing.

– A-$

Oh, and Bobby Jindal has the intellect of an egg McMuffin.

Snarky enough for ya, Soph-Dawg?


26 February 2009

From the wonderful toothpastefordinner, entitled “It won’t solve the problem.”

This is The Electric Table, and this is our very first entry. Soon we’ll have detailed, spiffy bios up, as well as many, many other things. A-Money, I expect, will provide relevance, intellect, wit, gruff charm, links to delightful Huffington Post articles, facial hair, all things snarky, and the feminist perspective. I have high hopes but I will probably be in charged of mixed metaphors, oohing and ahhing over Michelle/Malia/Sasha, and meticulously logging all the mundane details of my day.

I feel I should make a compelling plug for the masses to read this blog EVERY day. All I can think of is “read this blog a lot.” A-Money? Help?